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My name is Jasmine and I sell Very Gently Used Baby Boy Clothes! My Nephew, Jadon is my inspiration! Growing so fast out of clothes, I thought to myself I wish there was a little online preloved baby boy clothing store out there that sold the best brands of the best quality for a great price. I thought that there are so many others who could benefit from his closet without a huge price tag! Then I thought why not you? That was the beginning of Aunties Baby. I make sure all of my items are clean, no wear or tear and look practically new! I strive to make sure that everything I have in my store is of Great Quality! As mentioned on my About page, there are so many benefits buying secondhand clothes:

1) Buying secondhand clothing saves money

2) When shopping for secondhand clothing, you’re saving resources and doing the environment a solid favor.

3) Secondhand clothes last longer. Since they are pre-fast fashion, they are better made and meant to stand the test of time!

I mainly just want to help families save money and not have to worry about the cost of keeping that precious baby clothed. Instead focus that attention on not missing out on any moments or memories you will make with the newest addition to the family! My mission is to help you save money so that you can spend more time with baby!!

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