Goodwill is Good BUT.....

"I really don't shop unless it's thrift" ~Jeremy Scott

So why shop here if there are goodwills around? Great question! As I am a huge Goodwill fan, sometimes I was just over the "sifting through" aspect of it. Not only that but sometimes the outfits weren't complete. At different places that I've lived, the goodwills were not always close. So to drive there and not be able to find those complete baby sets that you needed was starting to get agitating. Let's address it, we live in an online shopping world! I want to go to a website, and click on the size I need and buy exactly what I need AND get it fast! Another part of my mission, is to provide that. Families are busy and sometimes just need to click, buy and save so that they can move on to the next family task. That's what I want to provide through this website. I want to make it easier for you!! I want to help you check this task off your list with ease!

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