OK So Why Baby Clothes?

"Those Little feet, won't be little forever" ~Ashlee Edens

As I walked into a very loved baby clothes store to buy an outfit for my nephew, I almost cried looking at the price tag for $22.00! Yes $22.00 for one pair of jeans and an onesie. The tears were coming because I knew that after purchasing this outfit for this new precious baby boy in our family, that literally he will probably only wear it once and then be ready for the next size in the blink of an eye! So yes $22.00 and a week later he was already ready for the next size, and I just couldn't bring myself to buying another expensive onetime outfit. Actually none of us could! To goodwill we went and as many of you already know that $22.00 not only gave baby boy 5 to 6 outfits, but they were the same brand as the original outfit I bought! Great quality and nicer on the wallet. Preloved wins again! As we look back, some of the best moments and very handsome pictures are of him wearing those preloved clothes. I can't help but think of the memories made in those outfits before we made them with my nephew Jadon!

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